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HEAD OFFICE: Via Fornace 10,12,14
35010 San Pietro in Gu (PD) -  ITALY
Tel 049 9490346 - Fax 049 9490374
Mail  logistica@cusinatotrasporti.it

We’ve come a long way, and will continue to do so, for you.

Solidly based in the very heart of the Triveneto area of Italy, Cusinato Renato Autotrasporti has been operating in the road haulage sector for over 20 years now. This dynamic and reliable road haulage company is a trustworthy choice for transporting goods by road, in particular foodstuffs and for major retail supermarket chains.
The value of our work is based on the ability to provide concrete solutions for our Customers, dealing with every shipment as if it’s the most important with the sole purpose of guaranteeing timely delivery and a competitive service.

Quality has always been one of the fundamental goals of our company philosophy, and has helped us maintain our leadership in the sector. We are well aware that our role is more than that of simply transporting goods; we are the trustworthy partners in our Customers’ most important projects.
In order to continuously improve our logistics’ services, in 1997 we set up C.R. Servizi S.r.l, to manage two modern warehouses used to store goods in a secure lockup. These major investments derive from our intention to be competitive throughout Italy, offering fully comprehensive goods haulage solutions for the whole logistics’ sector.

Quality and Certifications

For the haulage and storage of foodstuffs and goods that must be kept at a controlled temperature, our company we adopt a H.A.C.C.P. system compliant with Reg. 852/2004 EC as amended.
We also obtained the ISO 45001:2018 certification that helps assess and prevent risks in the workplace and manage the safety of both collaborators and employees.

National (Italian) haulage

Our haulage services meet the Customer’s fundamental requirements: transporting their most precious assets, their goods, in a safe and timely way, for the right price. We guarantee loading and unloading times are observed, organising the movements of our vehicles with the aim of delivering the goods as quickly as possible in full observance of safety regulations.
We can satisfy any requirement in terms of volumes, delivery times and transportation complexity, providing turnkey, practical and fast solutions; guaranteed top level commercial, administrative and insurance assistance.
Our storage and distribution services, also for small lots, are major assets for our company, we use medium-sized tractors for direct deliveries in Central and Northern Italy, and articulated and refrigerator lorries, semi-trailers and box bodies for whole or partial loads.

We specialise in:
• National (Italian) haulage
• Haulage of refrigerated goods
• Multi-temperature haulage
• Controlled temperature haulage
• Foodstuffs
• Available 24 hours per day


Our fleet is constantly being renewed so our vehicles are always up-to-date, reliable and efficient, so we can offer our Customers safe and reliable haulage services.
Every vehicle complies with H.A.C.C.P. regulations, they have hydraulic tail-lifts for unloading the goods and anti-theft SAT tracking systems so we know exactly where each vehicle is at all times.

We have vehicles of all sizes with a variety of capacities: articulated lorries, tractors and vans used for various types of haulage work: semitrailers, insulated containers, refrigerated and multi-temperature lorries.

Some figures on our fleet:

Tractor units




Logistics & Distributions

Thanks to our ability to integrate our haulage service with logistics, we can provide a complete and efficient service that reduces goods preparation, consignment and routing times to a minimum.
The goods are always stored with the primary requirements of the market in mind such as protection, order management, stocktaking, using IT systems that guarantee a service of the highest quality in line with the Customer’s expectations.
Our logistics’ warehouses in San Pietro in Gu [HUB 1] and Grantorto [HUB 2] are just a few kilometres from the Vicenza North motorway; both are near major highways and are easy to reach from all directions: Vicenza, Verona, Padua and Treviso.

Industrial logistics

  • Covered depot: 13.000 mq
  • Pallet places: 14.000

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Retail supermarket
chain logistics

  • Covered depot: 11.000 mq
  • Cold store: 2.000 mq
  • Pallet places: 20.000

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Putting your trust in a company like ours means working with the ideal partner for long-term business relations.
Contact us for an estimate tailor-made to meet your needs.
Our staff remains at your complete disposal to offer the best and most competitive solutions.